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#MTN154: New app to manage regional taxes + Melià suffers cyberattack + 9 job opportunities

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The Balearic Islands Tax Agency’s app is now available for mobile devices. For the first time, you can manage and check the local and regional taxes from your mobile phone.

▸ Wireless DNA and Bitaqua sign a strategic alliance. Thanks to the synergies that occur with the incorporation of Bitaqua, Wireless DNA expands its verticals to incorporate within its Smart Entropy platform. Bitaqua is a technology-based company specialized in the digitization of the water sector focused on the development of tools for water monitoring.

▸ Meliá has suffered a cyber-attack affecting several of the group’s hotels. The initial diagnosis points to a ransomware cyberattack, although it is still being analyzed together with Telefónica Tech’s cybersecurity services.

▸ WiFiBot, developed by the startup Hotelinkin, selected among the 50 most interesting technological innovations in the hotel sector, according to Hotel Tech Report.

▸ TotIA is a new startup dedicated to the development of Computer Aided Diagnostic Systems (ADAS), based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), which can be used as applications for everyday use in the diagnosis of oral diseases.

▸ Google highlights OK Mobility in an article for its strategy with Google Ads, which allowed them to increase sales by 20% for the summer season months (June, July and August), compared to 2019

▸ “Las fórmulas del éxito empresarial basado en las personas.” Jordi Ber co-founder and former CEO of Habitissimo, participates in the podcast Lunes Inspiradores, led by the CEO of Cyberclick.

▸ Interview with Manuel Aragonés, CEO of Travel Compositor, in which he discusses some new developments in his company (he has just launched a cruise booking engine and is preparing a MICE and group platform) and in the travel sector (sales for December already almost exceed those of 2019).

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▸ 26/10 – BK8S 2021 – Balearic Kubernetes Day. The event of reference in the Balearic Islands technology community focused on microservices and their management.

▸ 27/10 – Virtual meeting with Gerardo Cañellas, CEO of Perfumes Club. He will explain the process of changing the company’s business model, transitioning from traditional sales to the online world and gaining a large market share.

▸ 28/10 – Mauricio Prieto, Co-founder of eDreams in 1999. 15+ years acting as Chief Marketing Officer of the company, during which eDreams became one of the largest OTAs in the world with sales of $5.5 billion in bookings, revenues of $550 million, and EBITDA of $140 million. eDreams went public in 2014 at a valuation of over $1 billion, becoming the first Spanish “unicorn”.

Job Opportunities

▸  Senior Data Scientist – Damavis Studio

▸ Product Owner – Habitissimo

▸ Junior Developer – Trifork

▸ Senior full-stack engineer – offUgo

▸ Marketing técnico – Autovidal

▸ Marketing Automation Architect – Hotelbeds

▸ UX Specialist – TUI Musement

▸ E-Commerce Manager – Meliá Hotels

▸ Accounts Manager – Juniper

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