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#MTN156: Sanifit acquired for 375M€ + 3 tech events (AWS, blockchain & crypto)

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▸ The big news of the year for the sector, the Swiss Vifor buys the Balearic Sanifit in the largest operation of a Spanish ‘biotech’. The Swiss multinational pays 205 million, another 170 million conditioned to R&D advances and up to hundreds of millions for commercial sales.

▸ Cycling Friendly, a company specialized in cycling tourism, launches its new metasearch engine. A platform that allows you to book accommodation adapted for cycle tourists, consult information on cycling events and access a catalog of cycling routes.

▸ This is not the first time this has been published, but it has been announced that construction of the ParcBit subway will begin in April 2022 with an investment of 21.6 million euros from European funds.

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▸ 25/11 – Hybrid cloud, hybrid event. AWS recently released Amazon EKS-Anywhere into general availability. During this session, Isaac Vallhonrat, Sr. Solutions Architect specializing in containers, will discuss the use cases and challenges that EKS-Anywhere solves.

▸ 30/11 – Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and smart contracts. Introduction to blockchain applications: cryptocurrencies, certified notifications and contract signatures. With Virginia Mijes (President of the Blockchain Association of Catalonia), Claudia Giraldo (Founder of Bambu PR) and Maria Magdalena Payeras (UIB Professor of Mathematical and Computer Sciences and Telematics Engineering).

Job Opportunities

▸ Search Engine Marketing Specialist – Refineria Web

▸ SEO Specialist – Woden Management

▸ .NET Developer – FDSA Desarrollo

▸ Full Stack Developer – Travel Compositor

▸ Apps Developer – Grupo Piñero

▸ Marketing Reporting Analyst – Roiback

▸ QA Tester – BITBOX S.L. (IKEA Sarton)

Interesting Links

Cómo hemos facturado 100.000€ gracias al WhatsApp Marketing – Generator Landing

▸ ¿Es el correo electrónico un dato personal? – Felipe Herrera (Términos y Condiciones)

▸ Al Dia En Bits (IB3 Radio) interviews David Fernández (Meteoclim Services) about the importance of nowcasting

▸ Guía de Email Marketing: Cómo analizar los resultados de una campaña de email marketing hotelero – Hotelinking

▸ Should destinations worry tourism will move into the ‘metaverse’? – Mabrian Technologies

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