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#MTN103: A Majorcan among the Spanish Government expert advisers, SeedRocket and BStartup choose the best startup in the Balearic Islands,…

Mallorca Tech Newsletter – Issue #103

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IFISC researcher José Ramasco joined the team of 16 experts that advises the Government of Spain on scientific matters related to COVID-19 and its future consequences.

“This crisis will help us understand the value of the important things.” Interview with David Uriarte, co-founder of GuestPro.

▸ Roiback, a company specialized in the management of the hotel direct sales channel, has announced the launch of ePayments Manager, a system that allows hoteliers to split payments and offer new forms of payment to their clients.

▸ Barcelona City Council has presented the web portal Imatges Barcelona, a repository with more than 4,000 photographs that portray the life of the city in recent years. The technology behind the project has been developed by the company APSL.



06/05 – From idea to market fit. Free webinar on the steps to follow for the restructuring of the marketing plan: channels, target, market, product…

06/05 – React course for beginners. An exclusive guide to develop a real project with React. Course developed by Xavi Tristancho to learn to develop a billing application with the most popular library of the moment.

07/05 – New maker initiatives for coexistence with COVID-19. Online session to brainstorm around several ideas and topics, such as: Print things to avoid touching things; Are there many people in the park now?; Collaborative project for the manufacture of dialysis machines, among others.

07/05 – III Venture on the Road Final. Online event organized by SeedRocket and BStartup in which the finalists startups of the Palma edition (Arrendart, GuestPro, hotelbreak and Seniors Boom) will make their presentation in front of the jury. In addition, during the event there will be a talk by Raúl Jiménez, co-founder of Minube: “Entrepreneurship during a crisis: impatient in the break-even, patient in growth.”

13/05 – The TravelTech sector after COVID-19. Webinar organized by Conector where they will talk with Pedro Cámara, founder and CEO of TravelgateX, about the future of technology startups in the travel and tourism sector after the COVID-19 crisis.

14/05 – Starting Together. Event to learn to create and correctly structure a simple web application and acquire basic notions of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


Job Opportunities

Security Manager – Habitissimo

Programador/desarrollador PHP – ApperStreet


Cool Links

Configuración inicial de un servidor (

Dispersió de dades obertes al Govern de les Illes Balears (Benjami Villoslada via


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