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There are sponsorship opportunities for companies and individuals interested in reaching the Mallorca tech and startup ecosystem and its community: founders, developers, marketers, corporates, educational institutions, government employees, and public entities.

What previous sponsors say

“We have been sponsors of Mallorca Tech Newsletter on several occasions because it is the most relevant publication within the technology sector, has an extremely segmented audience and works much better (and at a better price) than any job site that we have tried in the past. I recommend it 100%.”

Miquel Àngel Torandell (CTO, Essentialist)

“When we launched Mallorca Bootcamp we wanted to make ourselves known among the island’s technology sector. Different people recommended us to promote ourselves in Mallorca Tech Newsletter. We sponsored several newsletters and, in addition to attracting an interesting number of leads, opportunities emerged with other companies in the sector. Without a doubt, it has been one of our best decisions.”

Albert Vázquez (Mallorca Bootcamp)

“We wanted to reach a very specific audience to fill different positions in the company and with the sponsorship of Mallorca Tech Newsletter, we not only received more applications, but these were of higher quality and from people truly experienced in the technology sector. Additionally, we increased the number of followers on our social networks. Without a doubt, we will partner again because it has been a very positive collaboration.”

Marina Guardiola (Innovation Strategies)

More previous sponsors

Habitissimo, Doist, Travel Compositor, Essentialist, Nidus39, Emprenbit, todopatterson, Dynasoft, Customia, Hustle Got Real, MoreNiche,…

Audience stats

The newsletter is received every week by more than 1.100 people, with an average open rate of 50% and CTR of 18% approximately.

Also, there is a very engaged Twitter community (1,000+ followers) and an average of 500 people read the newsletter from our blog every month.

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Companies you’ll reach

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And many others such as:


Doist, Playspace, Hotelinking, Travel Compositor, Essentialist, Hustle Got Real, yourttoo, Civitfun, ChartOK


Bluekiri, WebBeds, todopatterson, Hotelbeds, Lidl, Omni Access, Innovation Strategies, Brújula Grupo CMC, Don Dominio, Dynasoft, Quonext, Grupotel, Trifork


IB3, Preferente.com, EU Startups, Economíademallorca


Universitat de les Illes Balears


Ajuntament de Palma, PalmaActiva, Parc Bit


Sponsorship details

Main display banner with 150 words of descriptive text. Appearing at the top of each newsletter, its most visible section.

Same placement once it’s published on the blog.

Exclusive tweet.

Only one sponsor per issue.

Fee: 75€ per issue. Or book 4 issues for 200€.

See an example here.

Pricing and availability

For more details, send me an email david@mallorcatechnews.com