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#MTN147: CIRCE develops a new Vitamin D; O-Zink’s wrist gel dispenser sold around the world

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▸ CIRCE, a biotech startup has developed a new crystalline form of a molecule of Vitamin D that makes it much more stable to heat and avoids dosing errors.

▸ The company O-Zink exports a hydroalcoholic wrist gel dispenser that already has its eyes set on post-COVID life.

Fundació Bit shared on Emprenbit’s Youtube channel the content of its Digital Academyin which the investor Pep Casas (Apple, IESE) gave a series of classes on starting up digital businesses.

▸ Agreement between the UIB and the company Panasonic to develop advanced technological solutions in the field of heating, air conditioning and domestic hot water production. The company will provide the UIB with the necessary equipment and systems to develop these projects and will offer technical advice for their installation.

▸ Álvaro Medina will leave the management of Fundació Bit after the summer.

▸ Xaloc Studio‘s Super Kickers League is now available on Deutsche Telekom’s Cloud Gaming service.

▸ Extensive report in Vozpopuli about Filmin in which the Mallorcan Jaume Ripoll talks about its philosophy, its evolution and the challenges it faces.

▸ Miguel Pieras, founder of Hustle Got Real, talked about dropshipping and e-commerceon Benjamí Villoslada’s podcast.

▸ Gerardo Cañellas, CEO of Perfume’s Club, participates in the latest episode of the Beauty Cluster podcast where they analyse the shopping experience from the point of view of the company and the user and what impact it has had on e-commerce. They also comment on the evolution of user behaviour after the pandemic.

▸ “The pandemic has forced small businesses to go digital at all cost”. Alexei Soliz, CEO and co-founder of Pecolo.

▸ Hotelinking, Civitfun and Sanifit (?) among the top 101 hospitality startups according to

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