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#MTN136: In orbit the first “Mallorcan” satellite + IdoniaHealth winner of the Premio EmprendedorXXI

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▸ Yesterday took place the launch of Enxanetathe first nanosatellite of the Generalitat de Catalunya. This nanosatellite will enable 5G connections through the Internet of Things (IoT). It will provide information to influence the fight against climate change. It will monitor the flow of rivers and water reserves, and will also allow monitoring of soil movements to anticipate meteorological disasters, and of herds and crops to detect diseases and to define more efficient strategies.

This first satellite has been manufactured by the companies Sateliot and Open Cosmos, led by the Mallorcan Rafel Jordá, which won the contracts tendered for the design, construction and launch of two nanosatellites. For a total amount of more than 2.3 million euros.

▸ IdoniaHealth won the EmprendedorXXI Awards in the Balearic Islands, promoted by CaixaBank. The health sector startup is dedicated to facilitating access to medical imaging tests and their viewing by professionals and patients.

▸ The research group in Interdisciplinary Ecology of the University of the Balearic Islands has launched the app Biodibal, which is part of a broader project that aims to guarantee free and free access to existing information on the biodiversity of the Balearic Islands and contribute to the knowledge and conservation of nature.

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▸ 24/03 – Pinterest Masterclass. Two sessions focused on Pinterest Ads organized by the specialized marketing agency Pinteréstate, one for content creators and one for online stores.

▸ 27/03 – Arduino Day. A day to learn, teach and talk about Arduino projects. A global event around the ecosystem of micro-controllers created by Arduino and organized by the Makers communities in hundreds of cities. It will take place both in person (with limited capacity) and broadcasted online to allow remote participation.

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⚡️ Senior Backend Developer – marketgoo

▸ Senior iOS Developer – Habitissimo

▸ Software Quality Assurance Engineer – OmniAccess

▸ Tech Recruiter – METRO Markets

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Mallorca Tech Stories

In the latest installment of this series, we chatted with Xavier Idevik, CMO of DonDominio. A super inspiring story, of a person who joined the company to help in the customer service department and now leads the marketing department of a domain and web hosting provider with more than 170,000 customers. Seems easy.

Both Xavi and DonDominio are closely linked to initiatives related to the digital world, in fact, that is one of the pillars on which they rely to continue growing. Read the full story to find out what else they do to attract and retain customers to the point of exceeding 400,000 managed domains.

👉 He has also left us a gift for those who reach the end of the story, an exclusive 50% discount for the readers of this newsletter to transfer or buy your new .COM or .ES domain.

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