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#MTN161: Civitfun raised €2M; Hackathon with $15K in prizes; offUgo winners of EmprendeXXI

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▸ Hotel check-in software Civitfun Hospitality has closed a €2 million investment round led by Italian fund P101.

▸ offUgo, a fully digital car rental solution, won the EmprendeXXI Awards in the Balearics

▸ Report (€) on the concern among female professors of Mathematics and Engineering and Computer Science at the UIB about the drop year after year in the number of female students in class.

▸ Carles Brunet, an 18-year-old young entrepreneur, has launched Plaved Survey, a remote expertise tool, has just joined Emprenbit and made it to the news1.

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08/04 – Mallorca Sustainable Summit. A hackathon to create solutions to problems related to the tourism and sustainability sector. Specifically to these challenges: Water(effective use and management, control of losses and flows), Food  (promote the adaptation of the agricultural and livestock sector), and Mobility (internal, island-continent and inter-island mobility in any means of transport).

The teams will participate for a total of €15,000 in prizes, assigning a prize of €5,000 to the winning team of each challenge, to be shared equally among the 5 team members.

Job Opportunities

🔥 Java Senior Software Engineer & Java Software Engineer – eDreams ODIGEO 🔥

Senior Python Django Developer – Essentialist

Full Stack Developer – Kwerty

▸ Full Stack Developer – Travel Compositor

▸ WordPress Developer – Refinería Web

▸ Microsoft 365 System Engineer – Triggle

▸ Senior Unity Game Developer – Playspace

▸ Hotel Digital Growth Specialist – Hotelbeds

▸ Social Media Strategist – Merkamueble

▸ Key Account Manager – Innovation Strategies

▸ Customer Care Representative – offUgo

Interesting Links

El factor humano. Cómo estamos desarrollando el proceso de investigación de usuarios para un nuevo producto – David Roch, marketgoo

▸ Y tú, ¿escribes SOLID o STUPID? – Alejandro Albarca, Netflie


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