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#MTN116: hotelbreak announces 310K€ round, Forbes selects NuMat team among the 100 most creative in Spain,…

Mallorca Tech Newsletter – Issue #116

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▸ The startup hotelbreak, a platform that offers access to hotel services for those who do not stay in them, has announced an investment round of 310,000€ by different business angels.

▸ Forbes has included the management team of the biotechnology company based in ParcBit NuMat Medtech, Antonio Caldentey (CEO), Marta Monjo (CSO) and Joana Maria Ramis Morey (Lab Director) in the list of the 100 most creative Spaniards in the business world.

▸ Announced the II Call for the Robot Scholarship have already been published. This scholarship created last year by the company Robot, pays for 100% of the Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering of the University of the Balearic Islands for a UIB’s Industrial Engineering Degree student.

▸ Report on the IMEDEA-CSIC marine ecology research group which, together with the Systems, Robotics and Vision (SRV) research group of the UIB, have launched the INVHALI research project; whose main objective is to study, detect and eradicate the invasive species that attack the Posidonia through the use of a remote-controlled submarine and catamaran.

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▸ 19/09 – Solidarity workshop to build air quality sensors for classrooms. This is the first workshop in a series to redesign and build various devices with the aim of being donated to educational centers.

22/09 – Workshop: Create a smoothie recommender! HTML + CSS + JS + AI. You will learn to create and structure a simple web page using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. In addition, you will see a practical use case of AI.

 22/09- Team building online: Remote teams. Go Consulting organizes an online team building session aimed at HR professionals and team managers who currently have to manage their teams remotely. This open team building aims to share facilitation tools to keep remote teams connected and engaged.

▸ 14/10 – Event Marketing Online: Make an impact with your digital events. A session in which you will learn what Event Marketing Online is and why you should introduce digital events into your marketing strategy. Organized by Don Dominio and led by Nadia Nemer.

▸ 11/11 – eCommerce Growth: preparing for Black Friday. Growth strategies for an eCommerce to be prepared to sell more this next Black Friday. Approach to growth from a holistic vision, analyzing all the stages of the funnel of an eCommerce on which we can have some growth lever. Organized by Don Dominio and with the participation of José Cortizo, partner of Product Hackers and host of the En.Digital podcast.


Job Opportunities 

▸ Mid/Senior Full Stack Dev (Ruby, React) – hotelbreak (35 – 45K€)

▸ Product Owner: Digital Integrations – 3digits

▸ Data Engineer – TUI

▸ Programador/a advanced (winforms,, – ITCM

▸ Backend Developer (Node, Java) – coara


Cool Links

▸ La asimilación de datos en un modelo meteorológico – Meteoclim

▸ 10 requirements to internationalise your direct channel sales – Mirai

▸ How I lost €4k in a Facebook scam –


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