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#MTN083: Event with the founder of Ticketea, meetups about machine learning and AWS; job offers for full stack developers, CRO…

Mallorca Tech Newsletter – Issue #083

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From Entrepreneur To Businessman – Talk by Javier Andrés (CEO and founder of Ticketea)
Emprenbit presents, within its cycle of talks Tramuntana Tech Talks, Javier Andrés, founder and CEO of Ticketea, acquired by Eventbrite, which reached 35 million users, 5.5 million tickets sold and an annual turnover of 20 million euros. After selling the company, he now focuses on investing in companies. Sign up here to attend and see the rest of the talks here.

📰 News

🔸 COPE interviewed Cristian Alcoba, Hotelbreak co-founder, a Mallorcan startup that allows people to enjoy hotel facilities without staying in them.

🔸 Interview with Tomeu Bennasar, CEO of Logitravel, where some figures of the business group are revealed.

🔸 Juana Perea, has been elected Dean of the Balearic Islands Official College of Computer Engineers. Thus becoming the first woman to preside over an Official College of Engineers.


      👋 Mallorca Tech Meetups

      🔸 07/11 – From Entrepreneur To Businessman, talk by Javier Andrés, founder of Ticketea, acquired by Eventbrite and which reached 35 million users, 5.5 million tickets sold and an annual turnover of 20 million euros.

      🔸 07/11 – Mallorca GoLang First Conctact. Introductory event to assess the status of the Golang community in Mallorca. A light presentation: Who are we? What do we use Golang for? How would we like the Golang community to be?

      🔸 08/11 – Case Study of Machine Learning + Neural Networks for Dummies; with an introduction to the concept of Neural Networks and a case on using the Google Machine Learning service for text translation.

      🔸 11/11 –  SEO Introduction Course: How to position your company on the Internet.

      🔸 13/11 – Tech business consolidation in first person, afterwork organized by GsBIT with the companies SM2 and Brújula.

      🔸 13/11 – Fuckup Nights, an event where several people get on a stage to share their professional failure. Stories of businesses that closed or went broke, alliances that didn’t work, or products that nobody remembers.

      🔸 21/11 – Identity and Security in AWS Workshop, a day where AWS experts will show us how services, techniques and best practices related to AWS cloud security.


          🛠 Job Opportunities 

            🔸 Conversion Rate Analyst – Barceló

            🔸 Connectivity Engineer Junior – TravelgateX

            🔸 Desarrollador Web Full Stack – Grupotel Hotels & Resorts

            🔸 Responsable de Marketing – Peter Diving

            🔸 Programador/a Full Stack – Refineria Web

            🔸 Frontend Developer – AI Finance Group

            🔸 Especialistas en Clima y Meteorología – Meteoclim

            🔸 Cloud Architect – Keyland Sistemas de Gestión


            🔗 Cool Links

              🔸 How to make the most of your Affiliate Campaigns for Black Friday (

              🔸 Crea la campaña perfecta de Black Friday para tu marca turística (

              🔸 Amazon AWS abrirá centros de datos en España (


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