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#MTN082: New apps in Mallorca to reduce food waste, try the Operation Highjump beta, Logitravel looking for a metasearch analyst…

Mallorca Tech Newsletter – Issue #082

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📰 News

🔸 The apps Food and Save and Too Good to Go land in Mallorca. Their goal is to connect shops and restaurants with consumers interested in purchasing surplus food at low prices.

🔸 Cinco Días has published an article where the shoe manufacturing company Camper details how it has incorporated 3D printing into its shoe design process.

🔸 Next 30th of October, the video game development company Mansion Games celebrates an event in the Emprenbit Space, open to the public, where you can try the first version of the demo of their upcoming title Operation Highjump.

🔸 VEnvirotech has been named the winner of the European Social Innovation Challenge of the European Commission.

🔸 Digital Biosphere interviewed Carlos Cendra, chief marketing officer of Mabrian Technologies.

🔸 Toni Aloy, CEO of APSL, attended the Tarugoconf and shared his impressions of the event in a post.

🔸 Hotelinking have interviewed Jorge Morell on their blog, expert in tech-related law.


      👋 Events

      🔸 30/10 – 20th PyData Mallorca meetup: 3rd anniversary dedicated to R; with talks about Visualizations in R and Time Series for wind predictions in the Balearic Islands.

      🔸 31/10 – Álvaro Ramis, UX Specialist en Amazon, will give a talk at the Tramuntana Tech Talks about how design decisions impact the business side of a company. Previously Álvaro has led design teams in the digital area of BBVA and Ticketbis, acquired by eBay.

      🔸 05/11 – GameDev Mallorca meetup, session for video game lovers and development professionals.

      🔸 07/11 – Mallorca GoLang First Conctact. Introductory event to assess the status of the Golang community in Mallorca. A light presentation: Who are we? What do we use Golang for? How would we like the Golang community to be?

      🔸 08/11 – What could a hotel predict with Big Data/IA? Meetup where two talks on neural networks and the type of predictions that can be applied in the hotel sector will take place.

      🔸 11/11 –  SEO Introduction Course: How to position your company on the Internet.


          🛠 Job Opportunities 

            🔸 Programador/a .NET C# – Gamadi (24-30K)

            🔸 Customer Success – Hotelinking

            🔸 CMO – GetWhin

            🔸 Digital Media Manager – Iberostar

            🔸 Analista Metabuscadores – Logitravel

            🔸 Senior Java Developer – ON CONSULTING

            🔸 Fullstack Developer – Grupotel Hotels & Resorts


            🔗 Cool Links

              🔸 Creando un entorno JMP con VMware Horizon (

              🔸 El Comercio Del Arte (Alejo Ecube, CEO de FDSA en

              🔸 Percona Open Source Database Conference 2019 (

              🔸 BBC News launches ‘dark web’ Tor mirror (

              🔸 An Illustrated Guide to Some Useful Command Line Tools (


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