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#MTN130: Top 100 Balearic companies with highest revenue, sucessful Majorcan Twitch streamers, Laminar Pharma receives 1M€ in funding

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Diario de Mallorca has published one of those lists ranking the Balearic companies with the highest turnover. One more year, there is not one purely technological company. The list is monopolized by companies in the tourism sector, with some financial and construction companies appearances as well.

▸ Guillem Porcel has elaborated a report in which he talks to streamers from Mallorca who have a large following on the platform Twitch, increasingly better known among the general public. The testimonials share their experience, how they got started in that world, how they work, and this new form of monetization of subscribing to particular content creators.

▸ The biotechnology company Laminar Pharma, together with the Rioja Salud Foundation and the University of the Balearic Islands, will receive one million euros in funding from the Ministry of Science and Innovation to investigate biomarkers of brain tumors.

MyClubTV, the solution launched by the Mallorcan startup Kinacu Systems, is now part of the Aefa Les Mills offering, which works with more than 1,000 gyms throughout the country. The product that allows sports centers to offer a content platform and online classes to their members.

▸ “We could become a very relevant player in the tourism sector worldwide”; interview with Pedro Cámara, CEO and founder of TravelgateX, on Startup Oasis.

▸ Go Consulting participates in Proyecto Coach, a CSR initiative focused on fighting against school dropout, which aims to work on motivating students aged 16-19 to prevent premature abandonment of training. If you want to collaborate with your company, you can contact by email.

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