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#MTN133: Filmin’s revenue exceeded 15M€ in 2020 + Algorithms to diagnose blood diseases + .NET developer opportunity (22-35K €)

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▸ A research team from the University of the Balearic Islands has developed interpretable machine learning for the diagnosis of sickle cell anemia, a hereditary disease of the red blood cells. The use of automatic image recognition algorithms for the analysis of blood samples aims to automate the diagnosis of sickle cell disease and make it faster.

▸ Extensive report in El País with the three founders of Filmin in which they go through the company’s early days, the arrival of rival video on demand platforms to Spain, to the present. The company exceeded the 15 million euros in turnover and 800,000 in profit last year.

▸ Roibos among the 14 startups in the tourism sector that you should have on the radar in 2021, according to the main experts in the sector.

▸ According to Diario de Mallorca, Farmadosis has become the first business in Spain to admit payments with Bitcoins (Although it is not true at the national level, perhaps in the Balearic Islands). It is a pharmaceutical business that sells machinery responsible for dosing drugs, which is used both in pharmacies and in hospitals.

▸ The Balearic Association of Software, Internet and New Technologies (GsBit) yesterday appealed to the responsibility before the appointment of the new General Director of Innovation, after the dismissal of Nuria Riera last week. They claim “a profile with proven experience in innovation, digitization and management of public funds.”

▸ Habitissimo has shared how they incorporate internship students now that they work remotely due to the economic and health restrictions derived from COVID-19.

▸ Samantha Rey reviews Kydemy‘s first month in the Lanzadera acceleration program.

▸ Xavier Idevik, CMO of DonDominio, participates in this report analyzing the boom in demand for .club domains due to the popularity of Clubhouse.

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▸ 23/03 – ParcBIT talent & startups. Clubhouse session by Álvaro Medina, Manager of Fundació Bit, who will talk with Iñaki Fuentes, CEO of Quonversa.

▸ 25/02 – Long live motivation. How to harness the most powerful energy in your organization. Organized by Alejo Ecube, CEO of FDSA Desarrollo. He will share his experience of the last 5 years, in which they have created a self-managed organization, with a personel turnover well below that of the sector and with a very high degree of satisfaction. Being a main piece the management of the motivation of each one of us.

▸ 24/05 – Advanced Business Agility Program. A training program that will teach you in a practical way, the key actions to implement to facilitate organizational agility and boost the performance and flexibility of your company.

Interesting Reads

▸ Lo de la tecnologia – Tona Pou, Presidenta GsBit

▸ ¿Qué nota le pondrías a nuestra manera de teletrabajar? – Jorge Serrano, Go Consulting

▸ ¿Que te de qué…? – Jose Diaz, CCO TravelgateX

▸ Cómo utilizar SEO para la visibilidad en Instagram – DonDominio

▸ How we adapted EOS & other frameworks to create our own operating system – marketgoo

Job Opportunities 

▸ .NET Developer – FDSA Desarrollo (22 – 35K€)

▸ Front-end Developer – IdoniaHealth

▸ Full Stack Developer – Refineria Web

▸ Analista Programador/a Java & PHP – Abbacino

▸ Cloud Engineer – DevOps – Metro Markets

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We have spoken with Tomeu Fiol. Tomeu is a really restless person; he is currently CMO of the startup Hotelinking; manages Turisme Petit, an important blog on family tourism, has published a book about the cinemas of Mallorca … and during the pandemic he has been working on the launch of ChronoMask, an app to measure the usage time of coronavirus masks.

His interview is an impressive guide for anyone who wants to launch a project, be it an app or anything else. He shares all the strategies they have tried to publicize the app and acquire users, how the prototyping process was, the tools they use to manage the project and what plans they have for the future.

Read his story now because it is truly amazing. And if you want to share your story, just contact me here!


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