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#MTN134: Almost 100 companies affected by computer fraud + Premio EmprendedorXXI finalist startups

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Mallorca Tech Stories

A new installment of our Mallorca Tech Stories, which, as you already know, are pieces of content (in Spanish, for now) about the technological ecosystem of our region. A section in which we chat with people who have launched personal projects, large companies, community leaders or people who simply have an interesting personal story. As this newsletter clearly demonstrates, in our islands there are interesting stories to tell, which deserve to be told and which unfortunately do not arouse enough interest in the general media.

This time we chatted with Xavier Idevik, CMO of DonDominio. A super inspiring story, of a person who joined the company to help in the customer service department and now leads the marketing department of a domain and web hosting provider with more than 170,000 customers. Seems easy.

Both Xavi and DonDominio are closely linked to initiatives related to the digital world, in fact, that is one of the pillars on which they rely to continue growing. Read the full story to find out what else they do to attract and retain customers to the point of exceeding 400,000 managed domains.

👉 He has also left us a gift for those who reach the end of the story, an exclusive 50% discount for the readers of this newsletter to transfer or buy your new .COM or .ES domain.

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▸ Almost a hundred companies affected in Palma, according to the Computer Crimes Group of the National Police, by the ‘CEO scam’. The scam consists of tricking companies into paying the amounts they owe to suppliers to a certain bank account, which they actually control.

▸ The startups selected to participate in the final event of Premio EmprendedorXXI in the Balearic Islands are Hotelbreak, Modosmart, Mansion Games, Idonia Health and Apprentium. This event will take place on March 18.

▸ Two projects of the team of the Unitat de Gràfics i Visió per Ordinador i Intel·ligència Artificial from the University of the Balearic Islands, are working on the development of new techniques of explainable artificial intelligence and multigenerational video games that allow the maximum exploitation of the qualities of robots, so that they can be part of our day to day and assist us in case of specific needs.

▸ Eduardo Sarciat, founder of Agua3, was in the Hosteltur Travel & Tech Podcast, where he spoke about business intelligence, and about the strategies, applications and technologies focused on the administration and creation of knowledge about the environment and the company to through data analysis.

▸ Magdalena Cortés shared her experience after “graduating” from Talentissimo, Habitissimo’s youth talent training program.

▸ Nicolás Castellano (Andubay, NoConName) talked about the consequences in terms of cybersecurity of the switch to M1 chips by Apple.

▸ Hotelinking has announced its integration with the Tesipro Solutions property management system.


▸ 04/03 – Session to organize the creation of a podcast to share the activity around the “Do It Yourself” Maker movement in the Balearic Islands. Open to anyone who wants to comment, collaborate or simply be informed. Everyone is welcome.

▸ 17/03 – Aspects to take into account to have a legal website. Webinar organized by DonDominio with the participation of Jorge Campanillas, a lawyer specialized in Information Technology and Communications Law.

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