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#MTN140: Civitfun’s online check-in solution now available in + 12K vaccionantion appointments online per day

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▸ Civitfun has announced a new product: online check-in through Thanks to this new partnership, the Mallorcan startup is positioned as the official online check-in provider of the booking platform. From now on, anyone who has made a reservation on will be able to check-in online thanks to Civitfun’s technology.

▸ IB-Salut’s vaccination website managed more than 12,000 appointments in one day.

▸ Germán Vidal, CEO and co-founder of Apprentium, participated in IB3’s radio program La Gran Vida (min 29 to 55). A few weeks ago we published a story about the startup in our Tech Stories.

▸ A brief review of the case of Cuadros José, an establishment with more than 50 years of life has received a big boost thanks to its move to online sales.

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Interesting Links

▸ Digital products big launches. Learning and a reflexion about testing – Ismael Monzón, Air Europa

▸ Meteorología para principiantes (IV) – Meteoclim

▸ Desinformació al darrer Zoom d’IB3 Televisió – Benjamí Villoslada

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Tech Stories

The goal of Mallorca Tech Newsletter’s Tech Stories is to tell stories from our ecosystem; whether it is a big company, a small project, a personal story, or a community, the only thing that matters is to share experiences and lessons learned.

Apprentium, or how to launch an online education business applying Lean Startup methodology.

The marketing of DonDominio, the company that manages more than 400,000 domains a year from Manacor.

Chronomask, creating and launching an app to control the usage of coronavirus masks.


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