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#MTN139: NASA will use a Mallorcan robot designed to plow + Jobs: UX/UI, Data Engineer, Technical Writer,…

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Waino’s mission is to deliver your weekly or convenience groceries to your door whenever you want, at retail prices. We work within 15 zip codes in Palma and we have over 11,000 products in-store from different grocery stores (you can order from all at the same time!). We already have a working product and you can make your first order here.

We have developed Waino because we have very little time to go buy the groceries. In our city, there are no real solutions that work for us, therefore we have built it for ourselves.

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▸ NASA will use a Mallorcan robot designed for plowing on the Moon and Mars. The robot that Damià Bover devised to plow the land continues to advance in its long way to be used by NASA as a vehicle to move on the Moon. The Interlock Drive System born in Mallorca has already received the technological certification granted by the ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers), and the team behind the invention has been invited to make two presentations at the ‘Earth and Space Conference. Engineering for Extreme Environments’ organized by this American entity.

▸ The Menorcan GuestPro and the Mallorcan hotelbreak have been chosen (among 1,000 applications) to access the new acceleration programs of Lanzadera in Valencia.

▸ Mirai incorporates Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a form of payment.

▸ Hotel product distribution company Roibos among the 70 Spanish startups that funds and experts have on their radar in 2021, published by Business Insider.

▸ Banca March appoints Juan Manuel Soto as chairman of private equity manager March Private Equity.

▸ Part of the Boat Jump team was on Minimalism’s Open Startups podcast sharing some details of their boat rental platform: €16 million transacted on the platform (GMV), opening new markets, customer acquisition and retention, how COVID has affected them and more.

▸ Profile of Miguel Fernández, CEO and founder of Innovation Strategies, in the magazine Emprendedores as an example of a professional who left his career in a multinational to set up his own business. His company currently employs more than 80 people and has a turnover of more than 6 million euros. Business Insider also interviewed him regarding the role of his company in helping companies such as Iberostar, Disney or Banco Santander to go digital.

▸ Interview with Miquel Àngel Cabot, computer engineer, computer science FP teacher at the Institut Borja Moll in Palma, and who is doing a PhD in Blockchain applied to e-commerce.

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▸ 04/05 – 10 Signs it’s time to consider DevOps. Webinar with Xavier Coll, CEO of FDSA, in which he will share how DevOps can help streamline the process so that the entire development and operations team has a global vision and can focus on optimizing their tasks.

▸ 05/05 – Past, Present and Future of Cybersecurity. Panel discussion with cybersecurity experts Martín Vigo, Román Ramírez, Nicolás Castellano and Lluis Mora.

▸ 06/05 – Maker Projects by Land-Sea-Air and Space. Session to share projects that can be carried out outdoors: Design and construction of boats propelled only by solar energy; underwater drone to inspect ship hulls; probe balloon; buoy for marine environment reconnaissance, etc.

Job Opportunities 

▸ Data Engineer / Data BI Engineer – Innovation Strategies (100% Remoto)

▸  UX/UI Designer – Habitissimo

▸ Senior Developer – Patterson Agency

▸ Senior Mobile & Frontend Developer – Essentialist

▸ Technical Writer – WebBeds Europe

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▸ En busca del talento ¿perdido? – Jordi Sánchez (Web/UX – Juniper)

▸ Mi historia con la gamificación – Marta Bernat (People, Happiness & Culture – Habitissimo)

▸ A coffee with Taylan Taspinar, CEO & Founder PayParc – Pedro Camara (CEO – TravelgateX)

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