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#MTN142: The 5 tech companies with the highest turnover in the Balearic Islands

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▸ Diario de Mallorca has published a list of the technology companies with the highest turnover in the Balearic Islands (2019 data). Prodigios Interactivos S.A. (part of Meliá), leads the list with a turnover of around 164 million euros and profits of 14.1 million and 458 employees. Next is Hotelbeds Technology (1st on the list the previous 3 years) with a turnover of 47.2 million euros, profits of 1.3 million euros, and 301 employees. It is followed by Omniaccess S.L. (turnover 38 million, profit 8 million and 96 employees). The fourth is Global Obi S.L. (9.4 million invoiced, profits of 500K euros and 60 employees). Closes the top 5 (this is as far as they have compiled the list) Travel Compositor that has recorded a turnover of 8.5 million, more than 800,000 euros of profit and a staff of 37 employees.

▸ Hotelinking is now connected with the Stay App hotel app, allowing to cross-reference the data obtained by Hotelinking‘s captive portal with the data already existing in the hotel’s PMS in order to redirect guests to the hotel’s personalized app in Stay App.

▸ Article in El País about Scoolinary, the gastronomy cyberschool founded by Jordi Ber and Martín Caleau (Habitissimo co-founders). Started with an initial investment of 500,000 euros and currently have 1,000 subscribers who have purchased more than 10,000 courses.

▸ Jorge Morell, technology lawyer at LegalTechies, participates in a report about where do companies keep our personal data.

▸ 10 Spanish TravelTechs that will fly without limits in 2021, according to Startups’ Oasis. The list includes the Mallorca-based TravelgateX, Roibos and Hotelbreak.

▸ After meeting more than 400 requirements, Palma has been recognized by the Secretary of State for Tourism as a Smart Tourism Destination. The award ceremony took place in Madrid during the celebration of FITUR.0.

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▸ 12/06 – Mañanas de cacharreo Maker en el FabLab de Mallorca.

▸ 29/06 – Mutant Kata clism. Meetup organizado por Women Techmakers/GDG Mallorca y Mallorca Softwarecrafters sobre mutation testing.

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▸ Administrador/a de sistemas – JOOPbox (25-35K€)

▸ Content Marketing Executive – Triggle

▸ Data Scientist – Habitissimo

▸ Business Data Solutions Analyst -TUI

▸ DevOps Junior – Playspace

▸ Frontend Developer – Innovation Strategies

▸ C# Software Engineer –  WebBeds

Full Stack Developer – Wozzo

▸ Business Technology Project Manager – Camper

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Interesting Links

Talent & Startups: Lanzar una plataforma de logística en pandemia y conseguir 1,500 montajes – Xavier Mesalles, Seniors Boom

▸ Guía de Email Marketing: ¿Cuál es la frecuencia idónea para enviar campañas de email marketing? – Marga Escandell, Hotelinking

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Apprentium, or how to launch an online education business applying Lean Startup methodology.

The marketing of DonDominio, the company that manages more than 400,000 domains a year from Manacor.

Chronomask, creating and launching an app to control the usage of coronavirus masks.


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