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#MTN143: Intelligent packaging + Testing Meetup + Copywriting Job

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▸ Report on Viaempresa about biotech companies in the Balearic Islands.

▸ Interview with Juan Gabriel Gomila, very popular Udemy teacher and organiser of the I Jornada d’Educació de Binissalem. He also talks about the Kickstarter of the video game Kandra: The Moonwalker, which will be published by the independent studio Flyleaf Studios, of which he is the executive director.

▸ Sustainable packaging provider Paboco, in collaboration with Mallorcan recycl3R, has developed a paper bottle that integrates IoT technology to educate and interact with consumers and encourage recycling.

▸ hotelbreak among the 16 finalists chosen by the juries of the Challenges Phase of the EntrepreneurXXI Awards, and that will travel on July 1st to the final in Barcelona during the 4YFN.

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▸ 29/06 – Mutation Testing. And you, who tests your tests?

▸ 01/07 – Maker Meeting. We start building RC solar boats.

Job Opportunities

▸ Copywriter (Investigación Clínica) – Sofpromed (Part-time, 20-22K€)

▸ Data Engineer – Damavis Studio

▸ Product Content Manager – TUI

▸ Backend Software Developer – METRO Markets GmbH

▸ DevOps Architect – Meliá

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Interesting Links

▸ Protección de datos y habitissimo – José Manuel Cañedo, Data Protection Specialist

▸ Mob programming en habitissimo – Pedro Amengual, Web Developer

▸ Your product is a joke

▸ Rituals for hypergrowth: An inside look at how YouTube scaled

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Tech Stories

The goal of Mallorca Tech Newsletter’s Tech Stories is to tell stories from our ecosystem; whether it is a big company, a small project, a personal story, or a community, the only thing that matters is to share experiences and lessons learned.

Apprentium, or how to launch an online education business applying Lean Startup methodology.

The marketing of DonDominio, the company that manages more than 400,000 domains a year from Manacor.

Chronomask, creating and launching an app to control the usage of coronavirus masks.


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