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#MTN131: Mallorca Tech Stories are here! Plus: Do contagion tracking apps work? Job opportunities for Product Designer (30-40K€), DevOps, …

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✨ Mallorca Tech Stories

This week marks the start of a project that I am especially proud of. These are pieces of our own content in which we are going to tell stories from the Balearic Islands tech ecosystem (just in Spanish for now). We will speak with people who have successfully launched projects, large companies, community leaders, or people who just have an interesting personal story. As this newsletter clearly shows, I really believe that in our islands there are many interesting stories to tell, that deserve to be told and unfortunately do not arouse enough interest in the general media.

For this first article we have spoken with Tomeu Fiol. Tomeu is a really restless person; he is currently CMO of the startup Hotelinking; manages Turisme Petit, an important blog on family tourism, has published a book about the cinemas of Mallorca … and during the pandemic he has been working on the launch of ChronoMask, an app to measure the usage time of coronavirus masks.

His interview is an impressive guide for anyone who wants to launch a project, be it an app or anything else. He shares all the strategies they have tried to publicize the app and acquire users, how the prototyping process was, the tools they use to manage the project and what plans they have for the future.

Read his story now (and tell me what you think) because it is a super luxury. And if you want to share your story, contact me here!


▸ The project Wolfchain has been chosen among the winners of the Carnet Jove Award. The startup, which is part of the Emprenbit Program, is working on the development of tools that allow operations with cryptocurrencies more easily and that facilitate their use in the field of e-commerce.

▸ Data analytics startup Damavis has released a Pentaho PDI plugin for Airflow. A tool that schedules, orchestrates and monitors Kettle tasks with Airflow.

▸ The directory of online businesses in the Balearic Islands, created by Fundació Bit, has increased its activity by up to 171% since the new restrictions on the hospitality sector set on January 13 and framed in level 4 of protection.

▸ At Inturea, they continue to create content for their project Plan de Choque para Turismo, a training program for industry professionals. In their latest video, they have chatted with Pablo Velarde, from the startup Civitfun.

Gerardo Cañellas, CEO of Perfume’s Club, took stock of 2020. Analyzing how the different events have affected the sale of specific products such as hygienic masks, lipsticks, etc.

Interview with researcher Anna Traveset: “It is important that citizens know what researchers do”. During the talk, the ecologist explains some details about how the world of research works: “If we compare how much is invested in research with what is invested in roads, the difference is abysmal.”

▸ An international team of researchers, including Lucas Lacasa, IFSC associate and professor at Queen Mary University of London, has shed new light on the usefulness of these digital contact tracing (DCT) apps to control the spread of Covid-19. No real experimental evidence has been found to demonstrate the efficacy of this technology.

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04/02 – Well-being at work: Find out how you can know how your team is doing even if they’re remote. gsBIT organizes this CaféTIC with the founders of Happyforce to talk about the main points that must be taken into account to evaluate the work environment, listen to suggestions, recognize the good work and see where to start with the results obtained.

Job Opportunities 

▸ Product Designer – marketgoo (30-40K€, Remote)

▸ 2D Game Artist (Unity) – Playspace

▸ DevOps Engineer – TUI

▸ DevOps Engineer – Virtualcave

▸ IT Security Manager – Meliá Hotels International

▸ Senior Software Engineer – WebBeds

▸ Data Analyst – Plexus Tech

▸ Front-end Developer – Innovation Strategies

Interesting Links

▸ Podem ser tecnooptimistes el 2021? – Benjami Villoslada, cofounder

▸ La chispa – Alejo Ecube, CEO FDSA Desarrollo

▸ Adding analytics to your Nuxt site – Debbie O’Brien, NuxtJS Head of Learning & Developer Advocate

▸ No Meetings, No Deadlines, No Full-Time Employees – Sahil Lavingia, CEO Gumroad


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