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#MTN132: Negotiating ransoms with cybercriminals + Online event about common mistakes in data analysis + Jobs for marketing people …

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▸ The fintech startup PayParc has been selected among the finalists of the Travel and Hospitality program of the Plug and Play accelerator in which partners such as American Airlines, JetBlue Technology Ventures, Accor Hotels, Korean Airlines, TUI, Vienna Airport, Manchester Airport Group participate. Plug and Play is an accelerator with 30 locations worldwide, from Silicon Valley to Tokyo.

▸ APSL has launched YedAI, a chatbot framework powered by artificial intelligence and natural language processing techniques. A tool to help organizations improve results related to the Net Promoter Score of the customer service team.

▸ The domain and web hosting provider Don Dominio has implemented Bizum as a form of payment.

▸ Hotelinking has announced its integration with the PMS QuoHotel, one of the technological solutions of the company QuoNext.

▸ “In our sub-genre of games, we are leaders in Spain and Italy with market shares of between 40% and 50%.” Interview with Alfonso Villar, CEO and founder of the mobile video game studio Playspace. A company that has 46 people, 20 published games and an annual growth of 40% in sales.

▸ “It is much more profitable, investment-wise, the return of doing SEM than paying an OTA.” Interview with Eduardo Sarciat, founder and CEO of agua3-Growth Engines, who will participate in the second edition of MOST Congress.

▸ Interview with Jordi Ber (co-founder of Habitissimo) in which he talks about his new gastronomy online training project, Scoolinary. During the talk, he talkes about his relationship with the worlds of cooking and hospitality, as well as the motivations for starting this new project.

▸ Crónica Global (El Español) chatted with the cybersecurity expert Nicolás Castellano about how are ransom negotiations with cybercriminals.

▸ Interesting report in Diario de Mallorca about content creators in the podcasts space. They cover a wide variety of topics, ranging from classical music to gender identity, passing through humor or football.

▸ Summary Xuroa’s first year of activity. The Menorca marketplace that groups together the island’s small businesses was launched in April 2020 with 41 stores and 3,000 references on the platform, months later they have doubled the number of stores and exceed 8,000 available products. At the moment, they say, more than half of the sales come from outside Menorca.

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▸ 16/02 – ‘Sing a Song Kata’. Mallorca Software Crafters event in collaboration with Women Techmakers Mallorca that will consist of a remote coding dojo.

▸ 18/02 – Common mistakes in data analysis. A talk organized by Emprenbit with the participation of Charles Santana (Data Scientist, PhD) in which he will talk about common errors when analyzing data, problems of looking at summary metrics such as means, or some of the most frequent biases in the world of data, such as survivor bias. How to identify and avoid them. All this in a light way, without mathematical formalities and with examples from the day-to-day of any company. It is a talk for all audiences.

▸ 25/02 – Long live motivation. How to harness the most powerful energy in your organization. Organized by Alejo Ecube, CEO of FDSA Desarrollo. He will share his experience of the last 5 years, in which they have created a self-managed organization, with a personel turnover well below that of the sector and with a very high degree of satisfaction. Being a main piece the management of the motivation of each one of us.

Job Opportunities 

▸ Marketing Game Artist – Playspace

▸ Digital Marketing Executive – Roibos

▸ Data Engineer – RIU Hotels & Resorts

▸ Frontend Software Developer – Metro Markets

▸ IT Security Manager – Melià Hotels International

▸ Full Stack Developer – Travel Compositor

▸ System Developer – Omnitech Group

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Mallorca Tech Stories

We have spoken with Tomeu Fiol. Tomeu is a really restless person; he is currently CMO of the startup Hotelinking; manages Turisme Petit, an important blog on family tourism, has published a book about the cinemas of Mallorca … and during the pandemic he has been working on the launch of ChronoMask, an app to measure the usage time of coronavirus masks.

His interview is an impressive guide for anyone who wants to launch a project, be it an app or anything else. He shares all the strategies they have tried to publicize the app and acquire users, how the prototyping process was, the tools they use to manage the project and what plans they have for the future.

Read his story now because it is truly amazing. And if you want to share your story, just contact me here!


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