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#MTN108: 1.2M€ round for Essentialist, Fundació Bit has exonerated more than 180K€ to companies,…

Mallorca Tech Newsletter – Issue #108

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▸ Essentialist, the startup that offers a personalized travel planning service, exclusively for members, has closed a 1.17 million euros financing round from a leading group of Spanish and international investors led by venture capital firms Sabadell Venture Capital and Turtle Capital. Also, as we published last week, they are hiring frontend developer (30-40K€) to grow their tech team.

▸ The Government will promote a mobile application for the traceability of infections, which will begin to develop in the Balearic Islands as it is the first destination to receive tourists.

Fundació Bit has exempted from their rent payment a total of 79 companies located in premises owned by the foundation located in the ParcBit and Center Bit during the entire state of alarm, which means savings of 181,183.84€ for the tenant companies.

▸ A team of researchers from the University of the Balearic Islands has developed a methodology to detect compliance with the health safety distance on the street, respecting the privacy of users, based on location data from the SmartWifi network in Palma provided by the company Wiongo.

▸ The startup dedicated to uploading and assembling bulky orders in less than an hour, through independent professionals, Seniors Boom, launched its new website.

▸ Mirai, the company dedicated to the creation of the hotel direct sales platform presents Mirai Digital, a series of digital marketing services for hotels, aimed at promoting direct sales regardless of the booking engine used.

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▸ 17/06 – Marketing for local businesses. Webinar organized by habitissimo and his Director of Digital Marketing, Ismael Sintes. where he will talk about organic positioning, generating business with Google my Business, investing in Google Ads and much more.

▸ 17/06 – Onboarding remotely as a recruiting strategy. A free webinar reviewing the keys and tools to manage remote work in detail.

25/06 – PLN techniques in Agile. Workshop organized by the group Agile & Lean Illes Balears about empathy, active listening, how to establish social relationships, and how to communicate more effectively.

04/07 – FPGAs workshop for beginners, make your own chip. Want to know how the “guts” of the chips work? Can you imagine making your own chips? Get an FPGA, come and we’ll show you.


Job Opportunities 

▸ Frontend Developer – Essentialist (30-40K€)

Operations Director – MoreNiche (Remote)

Senior Backend Developer – OmniAccess

Scrum Master/ Agile Coach – habitissimo

Technical Lead / Java (Mallorca) – Plexus Tech


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