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#MTN109: Habitissimo looking for a full stack developer (33-50K€), Hotelbeds launches its API, new version of Veern app,…

Mallorca Tech Newsletter – Issue #109

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At habitissimo we offer an opportunity to work in the tech team as a Senior Full Stack Developer (JS/PHP). We are looking for someone without fear of exploring new technologies on the platform and with the ability to introduce them to a platform already used by millions of users.

Among other advantages, we offer:

  • Annual salary range of 33,000-50,000€ / gross, depending on the value.
  • Indefinite contract.
  • Discount on health insurance (may include children and spouses / partners).
  • Intensive day all year round, with flexible entry from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.
  • Additional € 1,000 per year to spend on training: books, material, events, conferences, courses, etc.
  • 4 days at your disposal to attend events, conferences or training courses.

You can check the full details of the offer here.


▸ Hotelbeds, the world’s leading bedbank, has launched a new API portal. APItude is the Hotelbeds API that enables travel buyers like tour operators and airlines to directly integrate Hotelbeds’ 180,000 properties and ancillary services into its platform.

▸ New version of Veern, the team management app in different time zones. The new team-centric version allows you to add people and teams from Twist and Slack and see their time availability for video calls.

▸ habitissimo, the leading portal of home repairs, continues its commitment to innovation with the launch of habitissimo Procenter, a new space that aims to be the meeting point for professionals in the rehabilitation, reform and repair sector.

▸ During this week, several media outlets (IB3, Voz Pópuli) have used the TravelgateX platform to analyze tourism reservation data and thus analyze the evolution of the sector.

▸ On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, El Confidencial has published an extensive report reviewing the story of Filmin together with its 3 founders.

▸ Brief profile in Última Hora of hotelbreak, the platform to buy hotel experiences without needing to stay in them.

▸ The technology company Innovation Strategies has been awarded the IV Award Alianza para la Formación Profesional Dual in the SME category. The company has been awarded for the quality of their work and the training received by FP Dual students during their stay at the company. During this virtual event, the award-winning companies will explain their models.

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25/06 – Legal use of personal data for mail marketing. Online session about sending advertising through WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, etc. and the use of personal data in a completely legal way. With the participation of Jorge Morell (Término y Condiciones) and Paula Artal (Customia).

25/06 – PNL techniques in Agile. Workshop organized by the Agile & Lean Illes Balears group on empathy, active listening, how to establish social relationships, and how to communicate more effectively.

30/06 – Women Techmakers / GDG Mallorca online session about the Impostor Syndrome, with the participation of Raquel Moyá Moya, psychologist, entrepreneur and SEO magician. Does it affect all genres equally? Does IT work more than in other professional sectors? How to overcome it?

30/06 – New paradigms in the evolution of tourist destinations. A webinar on the current market that, in addition to being competitive and connected, is more demanding, complicating the possibilities of differentiation. Aimed at business, marketing and commercial managers of tourist companies.

04/07 – FPGAs workshop for beginners, make your own chip. Do you want to know how “the guts” of the chips work? Can you imagine making your own chips? Get an FPGA and come and show it to you!

07/07 – Acadèmia Digital Emprenbit, a cycle of webinars and round tables about digital business model design and validation. Led by Carlos de Otto (, Seedrocket, Startupxplore) and entrepreneurs with experience in the field of digital businesses, such as Alfonso Villar (Playspace), Celia Megías (Conector Travel Tech), Juana Durán (La Mercateca), Xisco Lladó (Hotelinking), Eduardo Sarciat (Agua3 Growth Engines) and Miguel Pieras (Hustle Got Real).

08/07 – How to develop event-driven applications (with Apache Kafka) step by step in OpenShift. Virtual workshop taught by Carlos Vicens, Senior Mobile Solution – Red Hat Architect. Aimed at application developers on Openshift. Limited to 15 spots


Job Opportunities 

Full Stack Developer – habitissimo (33 – 50K€)

Full Stack JS Developer – MoreNiche (Remote)

▸ Senior Java backend Developer – Virtual Cave

▸ Programador/a Senior + Programador Senior Web – Intricom

▸ Digital Copywriter Specialist – 3digits


Cool Links

¿Tiene sentido que los hoteles inviertan en SEM? Charla de Eduardo Sarciat (Agua3 Growth Engines) en una sesión online de Incubadora Revenue (

Smart home tech for vacation rentals 101 (Walter Colitti en

▸ Buffer is Moving to a 4-day Workweek for the Rest of 2020 (


Photo by Jorge Mallo

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