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#MTN145: Ketonico raised 1M€; the Mallorcan leading digital transformation in the European Union Council

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▸ The Ibiza-based foodtech startup Ketonico has received €1.1 million in its first funding round. Ketonico develops and markets its own quality products to improve the lives of society while offering nutritional advice, subscription service and active monitoring to customers.

▸ Consejo General de Colegios de Ingeniería Informática (CCII) has created Sello de Empresa éTICa, an initiative that aims to address the great social concern and support the multiple initiatives in relation to the ethical impact of computing (such as Artificial Intelligence decision-making and the handling and exploitation of large amounts of data by applications) so that technology companies generate trust in society.

Business Insider has published a long article about the Mallorcan Carlos Pons who works at Everis and since October 2019 is also an external consultant on innovation and digital transformation for the Council of the European Union. A few weeks ago he published an article on Fundación Telefónica’s blog about innovation in society.

Profile of the startup Hotelbreak, a cohoteling platform that gives access to the facilities and services of the best four and five-star hotels in Spain, but without having to pay to stay in them.

▸ interviewed Pablo Escribá, CEO of Laminar Pharma, a biopharmaceutical company founded in 2006 as a spin-off from the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB).

▸ “The islands are a laboratory for the whole world to see in digitalisation”; interview with the Director General of Innovation of the Balearic Islands, Eduardo Zúñiga, on the current situation of the technology sector in the Balearic Islands.

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▸ 5G: una revolución para la industria hotelera – Xisco Lladó, CTO Hotelinking

▸ Olas de calor: ¿qué son y cómo protegerte? – Meteoclim

▸ Why Brava Fabrics Says Email Is Their Most Profitable Marketing Channel

Tech Stories

The goal of Mallorca Tech Newsletter’s Tech Stories is to tell stories from our ecosystem; whether it is a big company, a small project, a personal story, or a community, the only thing that matters is to share experiences and lessons learned.

Apprentium, or how to launch an online education business applying Lean Startup methodology.

The marketing of DonDominio, the company that manages more than 400,000 domains a year from Manacor.

Chronomask, creating and launching an app to control the usage of coronavirus masks.

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