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#MTN144: Logitravel and Viajes El Corte Inglés merge + Training with former Apple executive + fibwi acquires Canal 4

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▸ Logitravel and Viajes El Corte Inglés merge to create a €3,500M turnover company. For a turnover of 2.7 billion euros for VECI and 800 million euros for Logitravel, the resulting company will have an approximate split of 70% for VECI and 30% for Logitravel.

▸ Robot SA, a technology company specialized in building automation systems, has received today the award SME of the Year 2021 of the Balearic Islands, an award granted by Banco Santander, the Chamber of Spain and the Chamber of Mallorca. Idonia Health was awarded an accessit in the category of Innovation and Digitalization.

▸ The internet provider and radio and television broadcasting company, fibwi, continues its expansion, with GRUP 4’s regional television station acquisition.

▸ KulTours, a platform that links information on cultural works with tourist routes and allows a person to enter the title of a book or movie and receive suggestions for tourist routes that pass through this book or movie, has won the international hackathon Miro in Cube, held simultaneously in Palma, Barcelona and Perpignan. They were also featured on IB3 news.

▸ hotelbreak was mentioned in a post from Google titled 4 resilience lessons from Spanish travel startups.

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Apprentium, or how to launch an online education business applying Lean Startup methodology.

The marketing of DonDominio, the company that manages more than 400,000 domains a year from Manacor.

Chronomask, creating and launching an app to control the usage of coronavirus masks.

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