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#MTN105: TravelgateX among the fastest growing European companies according to the Financial Times, UIB designs a health QR code,…

Mallorca Tech Newsletter – Issue #105

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Desde Customia queremos contribuir a reactivar la economía del país mediante el apoyo a los negocios digitales (que si ya constituían una parte esencial de la economía actual, tras el confinamiento y crisis del Coronavirus van a ser una parte imprescindible de todos los negocios).

Para ello hemos lanzado una campaña con diferentes acciones. Básicamente, la campaña consta de las siguientes acciones:

  • Por un lado, asumiremos los costes de los tipos de interés de los préstamos ICO o similares, de todos aquellos profesionales (autónomos, pymes y start-ups) que hayan recibido este tipo financiación, vayan a destinarla a poner en marcha o expandir su negocio digital, y contraten nuestros servicios durante los meses de Mayo y Junio de 2020.
  • Por otro lado, ofrecemos hasta un 10% de descuento sobre nuestras tarifas por asistir a cualquiera de nuestros webinars. Puedes encontrar la información de los mismos en nuestro Facebook, Linkedin y newsletters.

Puedes ver todos los detalles de la campaña en este enlace.


hotelbreak, the platform for booking day experiences in luxury hotels, was the winner of the III edition of Venture on the Road (Palma), the SeedRocket and BStartup roadshow through which they look for the best startup talent in the country. The company will compete in the national final.

TravelgateX has been selected among the top 1.000 fastest growing European companies, according to Financial Times.

▸ These past weeks a few initiatives to help small local shops start selling online. ‘‘ joins that ecosystem as a platform in which all companies related to the primary sector can offer their products online.

Travel Tech Jobs was launched this week as well. A site where, for free, users and companies can seek and publish jobs.

UIB designed a health QR code to control the mobility of passengers. It’ll provide certified health information for each passenger, which will serve to adequately manage mobility in the Balearic Islands in the coming months for both tourists and residents during the COVID-19 post-confinement period.

Balearic coworkings are preparing to open their spaces again as the de-escalation stages advance. They have designed a safety protocol for the matter.

The newspaper ABC interviewed Jaume Ripoll, Filmin cofounder, where he reviews the company’s path, from spending 10 years at a loss to serving more than 100,000 movies and series a day: The human factor against the algorithm, “We are like Asterix and Obelix”.

Report published by El País about how the future of home renovations is going to be online, they talk to a few companies for the matter, including the startup habitissimo.



20/05 –  ParcBitInspira: Connections, technology and data; essential for the recovery of the tourism sector in the Balearics. Free online session with the participation of Daniel Calle, Unit Manager de TravelgateX.

20/05 – Make the most of the hotel online distribution in one hour. Incubadora Revenue organizes this event where there will be presentations about Hotel Marketing: The role of reservation websites (Pep Díaz, Co-Founder Clicktotravel); Fidelization: The importance of generating clients databases (Daniel Alzina, CEO Hotelinking) and Channel Manager: Diversification on your hotel’s distribution strategy (Sara Padrosa, Directora Regional de SiteMinder para España).

21/05 – Smart Working, leading remote teams. Free webinar organized by Customia about the important aspects for managing a distributed team. With the participation of Pere Sbert, consultant and specialist talent development trainer and Paula Artal.

28/05 – How to use Personal Data legally in Big Data & Machine Learning. Webinar with Jorge Morell, legal tech specialist, who will talk about how projects that implement machine learning or big data in terms of personal data, can use that information legally and safely.

11/06 – Introduction to programming and managing chatbots with Dialogflow. Free online course organized by PalmaActiva.


Job Opportunities 

Technical Lead / Java / springboot – Plexus (39-48K€)

Security Architect – OmniAccess

Web Developer  – Hotetec


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