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#MTN104: Tech initiatives for the new business reality, privacy and chatbots events, Govern and apps for COVID-19 management

Mallorca Tech Newsletter – Issue #104

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Ara Balears has looked deeper into the security problems and vulnerabilities of the COVID-19 patient monitoring app presented a few weeks ago by Govern.

▸ On the other hand, Govern Balear is working, together with a UIB Research Institute and the Fundació Bit, in the development of a mobile app for the detection of COVID-19 and the tracking of contacts between people.

▸ Two startups from Menorca lauched different tools to help companies adapt to this new situation. On the one hand, Mi Menú, a digital menu service for restaurants that generates a QR code so that customers can access the restaurant menu and thus avoid contagions through the contact of traditional menus. And also CitaTienda, a pre-appointment management system for businesses.

itnig talked with Jordi Ber, co-founder of habitissimo, in their podcast where he went over the story of the company from its start-up to the sale to the British group HomeServe.

▸ Interview with Andreu Palou, co-founder of Meyo, a company that recently made headlines due to the closing of an investment round of 600,000 euros, in which he talks in more detail about the possibilities of their virtual assistant which helps users monitor their physical health and psychological health.

▸ Interview with Álvaro Medina, manager of the Fundació Bit, on how this crisis has affected both the foundation itself and Parc Bit companies and the challenges of the near future.

Jaume Ripoll, co-founder of Filmin, an online audiovisual content platform founded 13 years ago and currently accumulating more than 100,000 daily views, was interviewed in the Banco Sabadell’s podcast.



13/05 – Agile Marketing Growth to validate business idea. Free webinar organized by Customia with the participation of Natalia Bandach, founder of Hypertry.

13/05 – The TravelTech sector after COVID-19. Webinar organized by Conector where they will talk with Pedro Cámara, founder and CEO of TravelgateX, about the future of technology startups in the travel and tourism sector after the COVID-19 crisis.

14/05 – Starting Together. Event to learn to create and correctly structure a simple web application and acquire basic notions of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

28/05 – How to use Personal Data legally in Big Data & Machine Learning. Webinar with Jorge Morell, legal tech specialist, who will talk about how projects that implement machine learning or big data in terms of personal data, can use that information legally and safely.

11/06 – Introduction to programming and managing chatbots with Dialogflow. Free online course organized by PalmaActiva.


Job Opportunities

PHP Developer – habitissimo (30 – 40K€)

Unity Developer – Playspace

▸ Frontend Developer Angular 8 –

▸ Telecommunications Technician Ibiza – ib-red


Cool Links

▸ The need for smart home tech in the new cleaning standards for vacation rentals (Walter Colitti, Modosmart cofounder, en LinkedIn)

▸ Cómo mejorar tu SEO con un blog (

▸ Dominios de Marca vs Dominios de Palabras Clave (


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