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#MTN152: Schoolinary acquires the Peruvian Cocina Lab; Unity Game Developer job at Playspace (34-42K€)

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▸ Scoolinary, the online cooking school founded by Jordi Ber (Habitissimo), has acquired the Peruvian platform Cocina Lab. Following this acquisition, the founding team, together with Spanish business angels and investment funds, have invested close to 1 million euros in the platform and the school, which already has more than 2,000 subscribers.

▸ Meridiem Games and Mansion Games have announced a collaboration agreement through which the distributor will be responsible for the manufacture and distribution of the physical and digital editions of Operation Highjump: The Fall of Berlin, developed by the Mallorcan studio.

▸ A study by the University of the Balearic Islands reveals the antiviral potential of silver nanoparticles to combat coronaviruses that cause respiratory diseases such as COVID-19.

▸ CentreBit Menorca launches its FabLab, a digital manufacturing, robotics and 3D printing laboratory.

▸ Javier Delgado (Iberostar, Google, Expedia) joins Mirai as Managing Partner and Head of EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa).

▸ Manuel Aragonés, founder and CEO of Travel Compositorspoke to Hosteltur about the digitalisation of distribution.

▸ Mabrian Technologies (Menorca), Menú del día App (Ibiza) and TravelgateX (Mallorca) among the “22 Spanish startups that can change tourism” according to Forbes.

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▸ 22/09 – HotelTech Summit Menorca. Direct sales, distribution, loyalty, sustainability and operations will be the topics discussed at this annual meeting. With the participation of experts from the sector (Roibos, FlexMyRoom, GuestPro, etc.)

▸ 27/09 – 01/10 – Hack your career week. Join Ironhack for an entire week dedicated to Career Changers, with events full of top speakers and exclusive workshops (British Telecom, Holded, Factorial, Glovo). Each day will be focused on addressing some of the concerns participants may have regarding changing careers, and the tech sector in particular.

Job Opportunities

▸ Unity technical artist – Playspace (24 – 33K€)

▸ Senior Unity Game Developer – Playspace (34 – 42K€)

▸ Digital Product Manager – TUI Musement

▸ Senior Mobile Developer – Habitissimo

▸ Full Stack Developer (React/Node.js) – abcMallorca

▸ Especialista en Desarrollo de Negocio – Sofpromed

▸ SEO Specialist – Barceló Hotel Group

▸ Agile Project Manager (Remote) – Innovation Strategies

▸ Development Manager – Sembo

▸ .NET Developer – Hustle Got Real

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