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#MTN114: Mallorcan discovers a security error in Conga robot, virtual professional with AI for diabetics awarded

Mallorca Tech Newsletter – Issue #114

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▸ Ara Balears wrote about the discovery of cybersecurity expert Joan Massanet, from the company W2Connect, who found out that the robot vacuum Conga saves a map of the house and uploads it to a server.

▸ The first edition of Saturdays.AI Mallorca ended last week, an initiative to bring AI closer to the general public in a different, supportive format, and to launch projects with social impact. These are the projects developed by this batch: SDG Identification on TwitterForecast for hospital emergency assistance and Work-related stress detection.

▸ A virtual ‘professional’ with Artificial Intelligence for diabetics designed by medical specialists is the winning project of the fourth edition of the Círculo de Economía Innovation Awards. It allows the user to be accompanied 24 hours with a health plan so that the patient learns to control the disease by herself/himself. A solution capable of autonomously solving 75% of common incidents and reducing the resulting complications by 65%.

▸ Meliá Hotels International, in collaboration with the Student League of the World Tourism Organization, has launched a challenge for university students from all over the world to design the company’s TikTok strategy.

▸ “It is just as important to invest in technology as it is to train people to know how to use it.” Interview on the Hotelinking blog with Rafael de Jorge, founder of Growtur, a digital school of technology, creativity and ethics for the tourism sector.

▸ Article about the biotech company Numat, which has patented a series of nano-coatings that improve the osseointegration of the prostheses and improve their antibacterial and anti-inflammatory power.

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