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#MTN113: Laminar Pharma prepares its IPO, cybersecurity grants for SMEs, first ATMs with facial recognition for Caixabank

Mallorca Tech Newsletter – Issue #113

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Mallorca Bootcamp es el primer bootcamp de programación de Islas Baleares. Empezamos este septiembre en Palma con un objetivo claro: Ayudar a nuestros 12 alumnos a convertirse en desarrolladores web y que encuentren trabajo.

Se trata de un programa inmersivo que requerirá de todo tu tiempo durante las 12 semanas de duración. Aprenderás a desarrollar aplicaciones web complejas con JavaScript, tanto en la parte Front-End como Back-End. Al acabar, te presentaremos a empresas y te ayudaremos a encontrar tu primer trabajo como programador.

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▸ UIB’s Graphics, Vision and Artificial Intelligence Unit has developed Facetomood, an intelligent system that analyzes facial expressions and movements through the mobile camera to identify your state of mind. One more step to those that already exist and allows evaluating in real-time of a person’s mood, not just the emotions of a specific moment. They’re looking to transfer this technology to the business sector. An app is already published on Google Play to test the technology.

Laminar Pharmaceuticals, a Mallorcan biotech company based in Parc Bit and a subsidiary in Massachusetts (United States), is preparing to go public on the stock market by the end of the year with the aim of accessing new sources of external financing and strengthening its expansion plans. Laminar has among its products the research of Minerval, a medicine against brain cancer.

▸ The platform SPORT&APPS, dedicated to developing mobile applications linked to sports and tourism, has announced its integration with Garmin devices, which will be available in all its apps.

▸ The Chamber of Commerce of Mallorca opens a new public call for grants to prevent cybersecurity risks in companies. The ultimate goal of this program is to contribute to the digital transformation of SMEs. The program consists of two phases: Counseling (free personalized diagnosis for the company) and Grants (the company receives up to a maximum of 1,600 euros).

Inturea‘s series of talks with different companies in the tourism sector continue. Last week they spoke to Pablo Rubial, co-founder of Boatjump, an online platform that has more than 20,000 boats available for rent.

Caixabank has installed three facial recognition ATMs in the Balearic Islands, which allow users to withdraw money and perform other actions thanks to user recognition with the image captured by the terminal’s camera and without the need to manually enter a PIN code. The ATMs are located in Borne (Palma), Magaluf and Ciutadella.

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