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#MTN137: The transition to a remote first company + Launching a business with Lean Startup methodology

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Mallorca Tech Stories

New installment of our Mallorca Tech Stories, which, as you already know, are about stories from our community’s technological ecosystem. A section in which we chat with people who have launched personal projects, large companies, community leaders or people who simply have an interesting personal story. As this newsletter clearly shows, in our islands, there are interesting stories to tell, which deserve to be known and unfortunately do not arouse enough interest in the general media.

This time we chatted with Germán Vidal who, together with Jordi Ber, has launched Apprentiuman online school for the construction sector. Despite having been running for only a few months, they already have 9 courses produced, 25 more in the pipeline and they have more than 1,000 users registered on their platform.

In addition, it shares in a fairly detailed way how they have launched the business following the Lean Startup methodology. Spending few resources, validating hypotheses and betting on what works. A super inspirational testimonial for anyone launching a business, thinking of doing it, or just interested in the topic.

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▸ habitissimo has published a very insightful reflection on their decision to pivot the business model, moving from the sale of leads to a directory of professionals. In the post, they describe in great detail the process, the tests they have carried out and the impact they have had.

▸ Interesting text by Antoni Aloy, CEO of APSL, about hiring in times of COVID and the transition to a remote first business model.

▸ The restaurant Roto de Ibiza, the first on the island (and as far as I know, in the Balearic Islands) where you can pay with all cryptocurrencies.

▸ Report on the company VEnvirotech that is dedicated to the extraction of bioplastics from organic waste with the help of bacteria. They are part of Repsol’s entrepreneurs fund and work with companies such as Nestlé or Pascual.

▸ CIRCE biotechnology appears on this list of the best Spanish chemical engineering companies. The company has also announced the discovery of a new Vitamin D3 and resorcinol cocrystal.

▸ Joan Perelló, CEO of Sanifit, has been interviewed on the BioBoss podcast, dedicated to leadership in the biopharma community.

▸ Jordi Enric Roig has created a Compound Interest Calculator, now available on the App Store. He made it with Vue 3, Typescript and CapacitorJS.

▸ This week was launched Shop&Share, a platform for sharing shipping costs in online purchases. The first version of the platform is working in Mallorca, Barcelona and Madrid.

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▸ 19/04 – Challenges and solutions of electronic commerce in Mallorca. Virtual meeting that will have the participation of Gerardo Cañellas, CEO Perfume’s Club; Daniel Ruano Vallés, Executive Director Foto Ruano Pro and Xavier Idevik Servera, Marketing Director DonDominio.

Job Opportunities 

▸ Senior DevOps Engineer / SRE – APSL

▸ Senior Product Owner – WebBeds Europe

▸ Senior Frontend Developer – Farmadosis

▸ Scientist – CIRCE

▸ Junior Developer  – Kinacu

▸ Search Marketing Manager – Barcelo Hotel Group

▸ Social media manager – Hosteltur

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Interesting Links

▸ Meteorología para principiantes – Meteoclim

▸ Estrategia para la mejora continua de la tasa de conversión – habitissimo

▸ Discord as a Virtual Office – Debbie O’Brien (Head Developer Advocate, Bit)

▸ Tres meses trabajando en asíncrono: adaptación, aprendizajes, pros y contras (Product Manager, marketgoo)

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