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#MTN155: Balearic Parliament victim of cybercriminals + OK to LaminarPharma’s cancer drug in the US

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▸ The Balearic Parliament adds to the long list of victims of the attack of cybercriminals. Agents of the Economic Crime and Technological Crimes Group of the National Police arrested a 41-year-old Mexican woman as the alleged perpetrator of the theft of 17,000 euros from the Balearic Parliament.

▸ Govern and UIB are outlining a joint plan to create a Cybersecurity Innovation Unit to prevent cyber attacks in institutions, small, medium and large companies, as well as individuals. The objective is to be operational as soon as possible due to the increase of cybercrime in the Balearic Islands.

▸ The US FDA classifies LaminarPharma’s cancer drug LAM561 as an orphan drug. LAM561 is a molecule derived from oleic acid that has been shown to be highly effective against glioma, a very aggressive type of brain tumor for which there is no effective treatment.

▸ Constellation Software Inc. (owner of Mallorcan software company Juniper) announces results for the 3rd Quarter of 2021, highlighting a 30% increase in revenues and $173M capital deployment on acquisitions.

▸ The fintech startup PayParc has been selected to participate in the next program of the F10 Incubator & Accelerator.

▸ Perfume’s Club received the Best Online Retailer of the Year Award 2021 in the Perfumery and Cosmetics category.

▸ David Hermoso developed a tool to know where to rent a bike from the public bike-sharing service in Palma and to check all the bike lanes available in the city.

▸ Mobile growth expert Thomas Petit participated in the latest episode of the podcast Life On Mars, titled Growth & ethics in marketing.

▸ DonDominio published a webinar about keyword research for blogs.

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09/11 – Videogames creation and market. With Mar Gallardo (Mansion Games cofounder) and Gisela Vaquero (Jellyworld Interactive and Women in Games founder).

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