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#MTN110: Palma launches beach capacity tracking app, new Hotelbeds chatbot, TravelgateX and PayParc partnership,…

Mallorca Tech Newsletter – Issue #110

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▸ Palma will make available to tourists and residents as of July 1 an app that will allow users to know in real time the capacity of its beaches.

▸ Hotelbeds has announced the launch of Bedsy, a chatbot that can provide the status of reservation inquiries or the provider’s confirmation number in real time, being able to simultaneously serve an unlimited number of clients.

▸ Agreement between two Mallorcan technology companies, the tourist connections company TravelgateX and PayParc, an innovative electronic payments platform designed specifically for the travel industry.

▸ Extensive report in El País about web platforms’ terms and conditions with the participation of the Mallorcan lawyer, expert in new technologies, Jorge Morell.

▸ Interview in Ara Balears with the manager of the Fundació Bit, in which he talks about the role of technology companies in this economic crisis and the dependence of tourism on the Balearic economy.

▸ Detailed post about Cloud Data Fusion published by David Verdejo, Bluekiri CTO.

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▸ 30/06 – Women Techmakers / GDG Mallorca online session about the Impostor Syndrome, with the participation of Raquel Moyá Moya, psychologist, entrepreneur and SEO magician. Does it affect all genres equally? Does IT work more than in other professional sectors? How to overcome it?

▸ 30/06 – New paradigms in the evolution of tourist destinations. A webinar on the current market that, in addition to being competitive and connected, is more demanding, complicating the possibilities of differentiation. Aimed at business, marketing and commercial managers of tourist companies.

▸ 02/07 – DIY submarine DRONEs. Meeting with creators who will share their learnings during the design and manufacturing process. Buoyancy, stability, tightness and communications. As well as the use they are going to make of them.

▸ 07/07 – Acadèmia Digital Emprenbit. A series of webinars and round tables about digital business model design and validation. Led by Carlos de Otto (, Seedrocket, Startupxplore) and entrepreneurs with experience in the field of digital businesses, such as Alfonso Villar (Playspace), Celia Megías (Conector Travel Tech), Juana Durán (La Mercateca), Xisco Lladó (Hotelinking), Eduardo Sarciat (Agua3 Growth Engines) and Miguel Pieras (Hustle Got Real).

▸ 08/07 – How to develop event-driven applications (with Apache Kafka) step by step in OpenShift. Virtual workshop taught by Carlos Vicens, Senior Mobile Solution – Red Hat Architect. Aimed at application developers on Openshift. Limited to 15 spots.

▸ 09/07 – Practical introduction to Design Thinking: people-centered innovation. A practical workshop on what Design Thinking is and its applicability in various contexts.

▸ 20/07 – Digital Marketing Course. Free, 25 hours. Organized by PalmaActiva.


Job Opportunities 

▸ Product Manager Senior – Habitissimo

▸ Technical Lead Python – Plexus Tech

▸ DBA de SQL Server – INTRICOM


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