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#MTN112: Playspace introduces the 4-day work week, MIT interviews Melià CEO about technology, 2.3M public contract awarded to Plexus

Mallorca Tech Newsletter – Issue #112

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Mallorca Bootcamp es el primer bootcamp de programación de Islas Baleares. Empezamos este septiembre en Palma con un objetivo claro: Ayudar a nuestros 12 alumnos a convertirse en desarrolladores web y que encuentren trabajo.

Se trata de un programa inmersivo que requerirá de todo tu tiempo durante las 12 semanas de duración. Aprenderás a desarrollar aplicaciones web complejas con JavaScript, tanto en la parte Front-End como Back-End. Al acabar, te presentaremos a empresas y te ayudaremos a encontrar tu primer trabajo como programador.

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▸ “AI will help us predict the safety of tourist destinations,” interview with Meliá CEO Gabriel Escarrer on MIT Technology Review. In it, he talks about how technologies such as artificial intelligence will help boost tourism in the post-COVID era.

▸ Mobile marketing and app growth expert Thomas Petit was interviewed on App Growth Talks.

▸ Cybersecurity expert Nicolás Castellano participated in La Sexta’s program Expediente Marlasca, commenting on the operation of the French and Dutch police forces that ended EncroChat, a messaging service used by criminals and drug traffickers.

▸ The video game development company Playspace has announced that this July it has begun to implement the 4-day work week in test mode.

▸ Travel Compositor has announced a new patent. A specific booking engine for selling private tours that allows to offer private tours with a driver guide.

▸ OK Rent a Car is the first Spanish car rental company to incorporate the Amazon Pay payment system.

▸ The Balearic Government has awarded Plexus Technologies a contract of 2.3 million euros to provide support for technological applications of its health service. The Spanish company has won the contract beating the offers of Fujitsu Technology and DXC Technology.

▸ Palma City Council has presented the app Platges Segures, through which users will be able to find out information such as the beaches level of occupation (including accessible areas), the necessary safety measures and water quality.

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▸ 14/07 – Web Tools Week: Introduction to VueJS. Talk for beginners where you can learn to create a simple application from the basics and learn about common good practices for working with component-based applications.

▸ 16/07 – Web Tools Week: Introduction to React. Second talk of the cycle organized by Mallorca Coding Starters, this time focused on React.

▸ 18/07 – Internet of Things and LoRa workshop for beginners. Build your own sensor. Workshop in which to learn how to build a multisensor so that it can send us mobile data about movement, temperature, light and position from almost anywhere in the world at no cost; program in Scratch; configure a node in The Things Networks and send alerts to your mobile.

▸ 20/07 – Digital Marketing Course. Free, 25 hours. Organized by PalmaActiva.

▸ 28/07 – What is and what is not legaltech? Session to discuss the legaltech concept, as well as about the different categorizations that have been made to date, in order to clarify some concepts and give a broad vision on this new matter that already occupies an important place in the legal sector.

Job Opportunities 

▸ Responsable de Marketing – Empty Leg (33 – 40K€)

▸ Marketing and Lead Generation Specialist – SolidQ

▸ Data Scientist / Data Engineer – Damavis Studio

▸ QA Engineer – Plexus Tech

▸ Senior Network Engineer – OmniAccess


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