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#MTN111: Mercadona to implement a facial recognition system in Mallorca, Mallorca Bootcamp launch, habitissimo will open a Madrid office…

Mallorca Tech Newsletter – Issue #111

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Mallorca Bootcamp es el primer bootcamp de programación de Islas Baleares. Empezamos este septiembre en Palma con un objetivo claro: Ayudar a nuestros 12 alumnos a convertirse en desarrolladores web y que encuentren trabajo.

Se trata de un programa inmersivo que requerirá de todo tu tiempo durante las 12 semanas de duración. Aprenderás a desarrollar aplicaciones web complejas con JavaScript, tanto en la parte Front-End como Back-End. Al acabar, te presentaremos a empresas y te ayudaremos a encontrar tu primer trabajo como programador.

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▸ Mercadona has announced the installation of a facial recognition system for its supermarkets, created to detect people with a restraining order from the establishment in less than 0.3 seconds. The system will work in about 40 stores in Mallorca, Zaragoza and Valencia. The Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) has started an investigation after the announcement.

▸ habitissimo will open an office in Madrid. The company, which is based in Palma de Mallorca, has enjoyed solid growth during the last decade, reaching around 240 employees.

▸ Report on the startup Yoomedoo, a platform for youth football that works as a social network and provides statistics related to the performance of each player.

▸ Inturea interviewed Joan Sanz CEO and Founder of, startup of the 1st promotion of Conector Travel Tech. During the chat, they talk about how they help to digitize hotel operations to boost sales and internal communications. And on the importance of technologies to comply with the established post-COVID-19 protocols.

▸ Interview with the founder of Travel Compositor in which he talks about the future of the company, the travel sector and its new product for road tourism.

▸ Fundació Bit has decided to continue with the total suspension of rents from companies located in the ParcBit and CentreBit Menorca public buildings until August 31, regardless of the end of the state of alarm. In addition, it has also been approved to establish a 10% reduction in their rent for a maximum period of one year.

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▸ 08/07 – How is the technology sector in Mallorca? Open talk to discuss about the state of the tech sector in the Balearic Islands, the opportunities that this crisis has brought, the level of adoption of remote work, PROs and CONS of working for a legacy company vs. a startup, …

▸ 08/07 – How to develop event-driven applications (with Apache Kafka) step by step in OpenShift. Virtual workshop taught by Carlos Vicens, Senior Mobile Solution – Red Hat Architect. Aimed at application developers on Openshift. Limited to 15 spots.

▸ 09/07 – Practical introduction to Design Thinking: people-centered innovation. A practical workshop on what Design Thinking is and its applicability in various contexts.

▸ 09/07 – III Venture on the Road Final. After visiting 6 cities in Spain, the winning startups in each region, including the Mallorcan hotelbreak, will participate in the final (online) event in which the national winner will be chosen.

▸ 14/07 – Web Tools Week: Introduction to VueJS. Talk for beginners where you can learn to create a simple application from the basics and learn about common good practices for working with component-based applications.

▸ 16/07 – Web Tools Week: Introduction to React. Second talk of the cycle organized by Mallorca Coding Starters, this time focused on React.

▸ 20/07 – Digital Marketing Course. Free, 25 hours. Organized by PalmaActiva


Job Opportunities 

▸ Brand Manager – habitissimo

▸ Content Manager – Rex4media


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▸ Iniciación práctica a Python (Parte I) (

▸ ¿Qué tecnología será necesaria en un hotel en la nueva era post-coronavirus? (

▸ Biometría para mejorar el Customer Experience de tus clientes (

▸ Informática sigue siendo una de las carreras con más abandono: intentando entender los posibles motivos (


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